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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Meet Danut

Danut, five, is a hilarious young man, full of constant giggles and mirth. He and his older sister Maria have grown up under the state’s watch since their mother, a...
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Meet Maria

Maria, nine, and her younger brother Danut were abandoned at a very young age by their mother, an impoverished prostitute. Knowing that she could not afford to give her children even...
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Meet Larissa

Larissa is ten.  She grew up moving between state-run orphanages and foster care homes. Her mother, a drug addict and prostitute, abandoned her and her brother, Paul, five years ago. At...
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Meet Vio

Vio is ten. She lived with her mother and father until very recently when she was taken away by child protection services due to constant physical abuse. Her mother would...
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