Helping Poor Families

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Many of us in the West do not realize the dire plight of the world’s poorest families. Most of the families we work with live off less the $75 a month. They generally have no electricity or indoor plumbing; they use outhouses and the village well for drinking water, which often is contaminated. Children usually go hungry and are plagued by parasitic worm infestations. They have no access to education or health care. Thus, neonatal mortality rate is extremely high and many children and adults alike die of easily cured/preventable disease. Moreover, they live in very inadequate, dirt floor shelters (made of mud and sticks) which often collapse during heavy rains, winds, or snows. Heating in the winter months is very burdensome as well. Many end up freezing to death or get severe frostbite because they are unable to pay for wood to heat their makeshift shelters.

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