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Meet Alin

Alin has quite the story. To look at him, you wouldn’t know that this sweet little boy with an adorable smile had been through the trials he has. His chipper attitude and loving embraces somehow overpower his tragic early childhood. A Roma (gypsy), Alin was born to a negligent, abusive father and a prostitute mother. He lived on the streets, eating trash to survive and sleeping in alleys. As young as two years old, his parents had trained him and used him as a beggar and a thief. He would bring any money he had been given or stolen back to his parents, who in turn spent next to none of it on him, but rather on alcohol and the like.

Beyond having to survive the cold and unforgiving streets, Alin had to endure a home that was just as cruel. His father was incredibly abusive and Alin still bears many of the scars, both emotional and physical. At one point, likely because she no longer wanted the burden, Alin’s mother abandoned him at a train station. Alone, confused, and fearful, Alin stayed there a week before anyone even cared enough to help him.

The police eventually took him to the child protective services and shortly thereafter he was placed with us.

Now, Alin is a cheerful little boy who is always smiling and embracing others with love. Thanks to living with a foster family, he is bilingual now and wants to grow up and work as a motorcycle mechanic.

As horrifying as Alin story may seem, he is far from an isolated case. Many children like him are, at this moment, walking the streets of Romania with not one person to call a parent or even friend.

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