Children’s Home in Romania

Donation Goal For This Project is $40,000
25% Donated/$30,000 To Go

A dirty-faced, barefoot, raggedly dressed toddler boy is found abandoned and shivering in a corner at the train station! A newborn baby is heard crying, lying on a newspaper sheet just outside the orphanage. A mother brings her severely disabled four year old girl to the hospital for treatment and vanishes forever.

These are the stories of Romania’s orphans – some of whom we hope to care for in our children’s home coming very soon!


We Envision:

  • A home where we can provide our children with a safe, nurturing, loving family environment, staffed by two loving house parents.
  • A home that houses 15-20 orphan children from 0-18 years old.
  • A home where children are treated as special individuals and be given as much care, love and attention as humanly possible.
  • A home where academic success is actively promoted.
  • A home where children are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • A home where good work ethic, responsibility, manners, traditional family values, respect for authority, skills (e.g. gardening, woodworking, animal husbandry, etc…) are taught.
  • A home where children are brought up in the ways of God, taught His Word, and encouraged to be Christ-like.
  • In addition to a home, we also envision serving as an adoption placement center (for those children who are adoptable). We will endeavor to find a good, Godly family to adopt each child.

Our Plan:

God recently provided a place for us to purchase for the children’s home, but we need your help to pay for it, fix it up, and maintain it thereafter! The said facility is above and beyond what we could ever have imagined – Bigger, Better, and a Bargain of deal!

The building we are purchasing was once a Baptist church. This church recently moved to a new location and are selling their old building for $40,000. The money from the sale will enable them to build a youth center at their new location. So as they bless us with an excellent facility for a steal of deal, we are helping them build their youth center!

More than giving us a great deal, they are also working with us since we do not yet have all the $40,000 we need to pay them. They have allowed us to occupy the building from November 1st and pay the $40,000 in installments. We have negotiated to pay $10,000 up front, $10,000 more before February 2016, $10,000 by December 2016, and the last $10,000 in 2017. We would like, however, to finish the payments as soon as possible. We are confident God will bring the funds to pay the building off well before 2017! In fact, we have already put down $10,000 and anticipate God will provide the rest very soon!


Want to Help

  • Give: You may donate monetarily to help us maintain our children’s home (to learn more about the monthly operational expenses and the funds still needed please click here)

You may also give to help us pay or fix up the the above building for the children’s home. In addition, you can help by donating toys, clothes, medicines, toiletries,linens, food, or whatever else you deem useful for a children’s home.

  • Pray: Please pray for us and for the children’s home we envision. We cherish each and every one of your prayers. Without them, we would not be not be able to sustain our ministry activities; your prayers are vital to our work. This children’s home will not get off the ground without your prayers. We thank you.
  • Volunteer:  Consider volunteering by helping raise awareness. There are opportunities to come to Romania and serve “in the trenches” by helping us care for orphan children and passing on the wonder message of the Gospel. We would be delighted to have your help and company here in Romania. If you have other ideas, contact us. We would be very glad to hear from you.
  • Share: Share about us on your social media sites and with your family, churches, and friends! Let each one reach one.