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Goodbye cold, hello spring!

This has been the second winter in a loving family environment for most of the Finding Hope kids (1st for three of them). It was extraordinary indeed! We have been sledding, ice skating, and engaging...
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VBS in Dalas

July has been quite a busy month here at Finding Hope Ministries. We have had several volunteers stay with us from around the world and we will continue to have more for the next few...
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The Concept of Personhood

Issue One of the great truths of the Christian faith that we see at work all around us is that ideas have consequences, and ideas are not something that humans lack. They can actually be...
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Seed of the Woman

God With Us – Immanuel The Protevangelium Genesis 3 is a hopeless, pessimistic chapter of the Bible except for one verse—Genesis 3:15. This single verse is the foundation upon which the gospel of God’s grace...
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The DNA of Jesus—Who Contributed?

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke record differing genealogies of Jesus.  Matthew lists the royal lineage of Jesus through King David and the kings of Judah ending in Joseph, Jesus earthly father.  Luke documents the...
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