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Our Children’s Homes

Finding Hope Ministries has started four children’s homes: three in Romania and one in Moldova. Additionally, we are in the process of beginning another children’s home in NC, USA. Indeed, our goal is to start as many children’s homes around the world as the Lord allows.

Hope Home: located in Romania; founded in 2016; houses 14 children, male and female, ages 9 – 20.

Luca Home: located in Romania; founded in 2020; houses 13 children, all males, ages 7 – 13.

Anchor Home: located in Romania; founded in 2020; houses 12 teenage boys, ages 14 – 19.

Dream Home: located Moldova; founded in 2020, currently houses only 2 children. We hope to have this home up and running at capacity (12 kids) sometime in 2021. We are waiting for God to open the doors and provide the necessary funding for full operation.

Grace Home: located in North Carolina, USA; This home is still being launched. The house and premise have been secured and will shortly be under remodel. There is a lot of remodeling that needs to be done to bring the home in line with NC Child Protective standards. We are expecting remodel work to begin sometime early 2021 and the home up and running by late 2021.

Our children’s homes are family environments….

Each home is staffed by house parents (a Christian married couple) and has no more than 12 kids/home. The house parents serve as the would-be parents of the children in their home, living with them 24/7. They do not work in shifts or take extended time away from their children, as happens in other children’s homes. Thus, they function as the de facto parents for their children. Moreover, the kids in our children’s homes stay in our homes; they are not shifted back and forth between different homes/families, as happens in many foster care systems throughout the world. 

We think it is vital our children’s homes feel as close to family as possible, since the children in our homes (being orphans) never had a family. Moreover, a family environment is always the most ideal upbringing for any child and provides the best way to bring them up in the ways of the Lord.

So, our children’s homes are top-notch family environments where children can thrive and have an amazing childhood. They are not just holding facilities for kids, as so many children’s homes are these days. We make sure our kids enjoy their childhood and feel like they are part of a family. For instance, we take our kids on family vacations and get them involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. We do lots of family outings and other family-oriented things like game/movie nights, praying, signing, and reading together as a family. We want our kids to be happy and feel like they are part of a family who loves them.

After our kids grow up….

Unlike most children’s homes, once children are placed with us, they stay until adulthood. As good parents, we help our children get on their feet when they become adults. We try to find them educational/training opportunities, jobs, promising professions, housing, and other landing points.

Sponsors are often the key to helping our children find promising opportunities in life……

Most of our children have sponsors who have developed a relationship with them over the years. So, once they hit adulthood, oftentimes their sponsors will help them. They provide landing places for them so they can secure educational/training opportunities, good jobs, and other life advancing possibilities. Hence sponsors are very important for our kids. If you would like to know more about sponsorships, please click here.