Caring for Orphan Children

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Being an Orphan Child….

There is no one to love them, no family vacations, no going out to eat after church with the family, no passing the ball with dad, or baking cookies with mom! Orphan kids have pretty somber lives with very little to look forward to as they grow older. Child abandonment is considerably high in Romania, especially among the Roma people (commonly known as gypsies) who account for 80% of all the abandoned children. There are nearly 100,000 abandoned children in state run orphanages. And another 10,000 live on the streets, sleeping under bridges, in the city sewers, and train stations. The Roma (gypsies) abandon their children because extreme poverty makes it too onerous for them to care for them. Furthermore, they start having children at a young age (12-18 yrs.) and usually do not practice any form of birth control. The shame is that some of these kids end up being sold as sex slaves or for organ harvesting. Those that are not sold as commodities oftentimes become child prostitutes and/or are almost always sexually and physically abused while on the street. What’s more, orphans – albeit street kids or institutionalized orphans – are almost always looked down upon. They grow up without role-models/mentors, are psychologically traumatized, and are not taught the necessary life-skills to survive in society. Thus, once they become adults they are ill prepared to find work, secure a living accommodation, manage finances, etc….

Saving Orphans through Children’s Homes….

Our biggest project with orphan children is a children’s home. Presently, we house 12 orphan children (boys and girls), teaching and showing them the love of God. Our ministry director and his wife serve as the host parents for this home.

Our children’s homes are family environments….

Each home is staffed by house parents (a Christian married couple) and has no more than 12 kids. The house parents serve as the would-be parents of the children in their home, living with them 24/7. They do not work in shifts or take extended time away from their children, as happens in other children’s homes/orphanages. They function as de facto parents, not as caretakers/shift-workers. Moreover, the kids in our children’s homes stay in our homes until they age out at 18. They are not shifted back and forth between different homes, as happens in many foster care systems throughout the world.

We think it is vital that our homes feel as close to family as possible, since we work with the orphan children who have never had a family. We feel the family environment is most the ideal for a child. Moreover, it provides the best environment to bring up the children in the ways of the Lord – which is our goal first and foremost.

We are starting a second children’s home very soon….

Since we have reached capacity at our current children’s, God has lead us to start another children’s home very soon (by the end of 2018). We are grateful to house as many as we do, but there are 1000s of more orphan children without a place to call home. In fact, there are only two children’s homes (ours being the only Christian) in the entirety of the Sibiu area. Out of the thousands of orphans in the area, only around 26 are in said homes. The rest are trapped in abusive state-run orphanages (seen above in pic with kids at the fence of the state orphanage).

This second children’s home will be a massive undertaking that will take considerable funds, time, and resources. We needing a large boost in funding not only for the start-up cost, but also for the operational costs (some $6000/month). We ask for your prayers that God will make the impossible, possible! To learn more details about this second children’s home please click here.

Working in the State-run Orphanages….

Currently, we are also working in the local state-run orphanages, volunteering on a weekly basis to spend time and share God’s love with these orphan boys and girls.

We need more on the team….


You may donate monetarily to help us maintain our children’s home (to learn more about the monthly operational expenses and the funds still needed please click here.

You may also give to help us purchase the building for the next children’s home. We estimate the cost of buying a building for the next children’s home and outfitting it to the standards that the Romanian government requires will cost around $100,000. Though a huge sum, we know God will make it possible! In addition, you can help by donating toys, clothes, medicines, toiletries, linens, food, or whatever else you deem useful for a children’s home.


Please pray for us and for the orphan children we serve. We cherish each and every one of your prayers. Without them, we would not be not be able to sustain our ministry activities. Your prayers are vital to our work!


Consider volunteering by helping raise awareness. There are also opportunities to come to Romania and serve “in the trenches.”  We would be delighted to have your help and company here in Romania.

Sharing the Message

Lastly, share about us on your social media sites and with your family, churches, and friends. Let each one reach one!