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We need your help to save the children….

Thousands of children are freezing and starving to death on the streets of Romania. Others are languishing away without anyone to love them in state-run orphanages. They need a loving home where they are treated as special individuals. We already operate one children’s home and are opening two more in 2019.

We are grateful to house as many children as we do; however, there are millions more orphans without a place to call home. In fact, most are either trapped in abusive state-run orphanages or living on the streets.

We need more on the team….

We are forever grateful to those of you who have already helped us save some of the orphan children. Thank you for being part of the team. In reality though, we need more team members. There are too many helpless and suffering children who are crying out for us to save them. We ask that you please pray God will open the doors, speak to people’s hearts, and provide the means so we can expand our reach to save more kids.

Please join us in starting such a home! You can save many innocent children for eternity!

If you feel God leading you to help us start said home, please click here to donate securely online. One may also donate via check/money order.

Make checks/money orders payable to: Finding Hope Ministries.

Send to:
Finding Hope Ministries
P.O. Box 1705 Lenoir, NC 28645