Helping Older Orphans

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Adult orphans are forgotten….

Adult orphans are a forgotten group. Many charities and churches overlook them, putting their time and resources towards the destitute families and children instead. As orphans grow up, albeit on the streets or in a state-run institution, they are not taught the necessary life-skills to survive in society. Furthermore, because they grow up neglected and oftentimes sexually/physically abused, they generally have moderate to severe psychological problems as adults. To add to this, people in Romanian society look down on them as incompetent, untrustworthy annoyances. It is therefore difficult for them to find gainful employment, a place to rent, social help from the state, etc….

Once orphans become adults they are ill prepared to function in society….

So, once orphans become adults they are ill prepared to function in society. Therefore, we come alongside them, helping them meet their basic needs: food, accommodation, and health care. We also assist them in finding employment, a local church, and foster environments where they can connect spiritually and feel a sense of belonging. For example, we started The Orphan Girl’s Bible Study Group. This is a weekly get-together where the older orphan girls study God’s Word, eat, play games, and encourage one another.

We invest individually in each adult orphan….

Along with weekly gatherings and humanitarian assistance, we also invest individually in each adult orphan we serve. We take a great deal of time throughout the week to disciple, encourage, hold accountable, guide, and pray with each older adult orphan individually. We strive to help each one become self-reliant and most importantly, a mature follower of Christ.