Relieving Hunger

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Adequate nutrition is a pervasive problem among the groups we work with, especially for the children. This is an issue we cannot ignore, because it does so much harm. Those kids that do not die from poor nutrition, generally have weakened immune systems, stunted growth, developmental delays (both physical and psychological), and are at higher risk for developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, etc…. At Finding Hope Ministries we provide food for poor families, street children, and gypsy villages. Oftentimes, we partner with other ministries in our area to distribute said food aid. We are especially active in our food outreach during the holiday seasons (Easter, New Years, and Christmas) where we deliver meals, fruits and vegetables, and other rarities to orphanages, poor families, and villages.

You can help!


You can help the hungry by donating non-perishable food items to our ministry. We will have them shipped to our places of outreach.