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Alina is a remarkably intelligent fourteen year-old girl. She was abandoned at birth by her mother and has been raised in state-run orphanages ever since. Despite this, she excels in nearly every academic area, always scoring top marks. Her intelligence is matched only by her sweet and caring nature.

She hopes to become a doctor or dentist, and unlike many of us, has the brains and work ethic to make this happen. Despite her goals, it is still incredibly difficult to climb out of poverty in Romania, especially with no family to support you. This is why we are seeking a sponsor for Alina. She needs someone to be able to count on in times of hardship and to help her excel as she gets older.

If you would like to sponsor Alina, please click the sponsor monthly button. Feel free to contact us at ncmerrill94@yahoo.com or call us at 828-228-4140 so that we can answer any questions you may have.

Thank you and God bless!