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Ane’s mother abandoned her in field when she was three….

Ane’s mother abandoned her in a sheep pasture when she was just three years old. She was eventually found after two days, soaking wet (from rain), dehydrated, and very scared. The authorities took Ane to the state-run orphanage where she resided seven years until she came to live with us at Finding Hope in December 2018.

Ane had a very hard life in the state-run orphanage….

Ane had a very hard time in the state-run orphanage. She, being so meek-spirited, was always at the bottom of the totem pole. She was frequently beaten by the older, more aggressive kids and got her things (including her food) taken away by them. So she had it pretty rough in the state-run orphanage. She tells us she hated it there because no one loved her there and she was always beaten. Fortunately, now she is with us – safe and loved as part of the Finding Hope family.

Ane is a delightfully sweet child….

Ane is a quiet, gentle spirit. She is very sweet, always obedient, kind, and just a good, delightful child. A parent could not ask for a better, more well behaved kid than Ane. We are so thankful she has become part of our family here at Finding Hope. She has brightened up our home and brought much joy to us all.

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