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Chiril lives at  Finding Hope in Balti, Moldova.

Chiril resides in Finding Hope’s Dream House in Batli, Moldova. He lives there with his biological sister Tamara.

He was given up by his mother when he was two months old, landing at first (for a short time) in a foster care family, then to his grandmother until he was seven. He stayed with his grandmother until she could no longer take care of him, upon which he was transferred to the Dream House (the Finding Hope home in Balti, Moldova).

Chiril’s mother is in and out of jail and his father is dead.

Chiril’s father is dead (died when he was very young) and his mother is in and out of prison all the time. She has no interest in Chiril whatsoever. We are thankful to God that Chiril has finally found a family at Finding Hope’s Dream House.

Chiril always wears a smile on his face!

Chiril is very friendly, works hard in school, is exceptionally generous and thoughtful, and really helpful around the house. Despite his hardships and troubled past, he remains decidedly positive – always putting a smile on his face. He likes to eat bananas, loves to play soccer, draw, play Legos, and read books; he especially likes listening to bedtime stories. He dreams of one day becoming a professional soccer player.

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