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Izabella was sent to the state-run orphanage when she was three….

Izabella was sent to the state-run orphanage when she was three, abandoned by her mother who was a prostitute. Finally in 2019, when she turned 12, she found the family she always wanted here at Finding Hope.

Izabella was left in her crib 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the state-run orphanage….

Like all the boys and girls in state-run orphanages, Izabella had a terrible life there. She was left in a crib 24 hours a day, 7 days week. No one picked her up or coddled her when she cried! She underwent relentless beatings, was made fun of, put down, laughed at, and neglected. No one loved her. She felt abandoned and unwanted by the whole world. She tells us how much she hated it at the orphanage – the endless hours of boredom, no one to love her, no one to belong to, always hungry (food is scarce in those places), always having to deal with lice and unsanitary conditions, and always getting what little belongings she had stolen. She is so happy now that she has escaped the terrible state-run orphanage, but feels bad for the other kids who still remain there.

Izabella is a vibrant, kind-hearted, hard working young lady….

Izabella is such a joy. She is always talking (our most talkative child – will talk your ear off), always happy and positive, full of energy, hard working, obedient, and just a delightful young lady. One always has pleasant company around Izabella, for she can strike and carry on interesting conversations with anyone. Furthermore, she is always looking for ways she can be useful and help around the house, whether it be taking care of the smaller children or cleaning. She has brought so much joy to the Finding Hope home. She is such blessing. We feel sure, she too will be a blessing and joy to anyone who decides to sponsors her.

Sponsoring Izabella

If you would like to sponsor Izabella, please press the green “Sponsor Monthly” button above, or contact us at: ncmerrill94@yahoo.com or by phone at 828.228.4140. We can help you sponsor Izabella and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you and God bless!