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Maria was left abandoned in the snow.

Maria and her younger brother were abandoned by their mother outside in the snow when they were five and four, respectively. They were eventually found by a kind soul who turned them over to the child protection. Child protection placed them a in state-run orphanage (for a few months) then into an Orthodox monastery. They remained at the monastery for about a year before they were eventually transferred to another state-run orphanage where they stayed until coming to Finding Hope in late 2019.

Maria says all she ever wanted in life was a family!

Maria has seen her biological mother only two times since she was abandoned as a little girl. Her dad has never been in the picture. She feels very sad that no one has ever cared or loved her in life. She notes all she ever wanted in life was a family! She just wants to be loved and belong. Maria is very thankful she has finally found a family at Finding Hope.

Maria loves gazing at the stars.

Maria likes to draw, clean, cook, read sci-fi/fantasy novels (and watch movies of the same), loves spaghetti, and spending time with friends. She especially likes gazing at the stars in the night sky.

Sponsoring Maria

Maria is a very kind, caring, helpful, and sweet young lady. If you would like to sponsor Maria, please press the green, “Sponsor Monthly” button above, fill out the form below, or contact us at: contact@findinghopeministries.org or by phone at 828.228.4140. We can help you sponsor Maria and answer any questions you may have.