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Nimrod and the Astrologers

‘The mystery religion of Babylon’ was scattered over the entire world by the dispersion of humanity from Babel.  The dragon used this opportunity to spread his venom through the generations that subsequently arose.  This religion was replete with cultic rituals of prostitution, idol worship, child sacrifice, magic, divination, and animal sacrifice.  Priests diviners, magicians, and prostitutes all participated regularly in these cultic rituals.  The Bible is filled with examples of mediums, astrologers, diviners, temple prostitutes, and child sacrifice, which were all associated with this religion in various civilizations of the ancient world.  These Biblical examples bear testimony of an apostate religion that was detestable to the Holy God—but there was one notable exception…

Three wise men traveling from the east (possibly Babylon) followed the star of God.  They had set out to find the promised Seed—the legitimate Son of God, born of a truly virgin woman.  These men were schooled in the astrology of the Chaldeans, but it is probable a famous Jewish prophet had taught their ancestors.  This Jew had ascended the hierarchy of ruling elite in Babylon hundreds of years before.  His name was Daniel—the same prophet who wrote the Old Testament book bearing his name. Daniel likely knew God’s message of truth in the constellations – the message the astrologers of Nimrod had corrupted so many generations before.  Daniel’s parents had probably instructed him about these heavenly signs, before Nebuchadnezzar’s marauding bands of Babylonian soldiers killed them as they reduced Jerusalem to a pile of rubble.  Daniel understood God’s promise to provide the Seed who would one day redeem mankind.  His own prophecies described this God/Man as the Redeemer of the Jewish nation.  Daniel presumably imparted his knowledge to astrologers during his lifetime in Babylon.  After all, Daniel saved the lives of these men by describing, then interpreting a dream of King Nebuchadnezzar! (Daniel 2:24-45).  Daniel’s God must have significantly impressed these counselors of the King.  Perhaps they listened intently as Daniel taught them about the Seed of God who would someday come into the world of mankind.  These men likely passed down Daniel’s prophetic wisdom through subsequent generations.  When God’s Son was born in humble circumstances over four-hundred years later, three wise men of Babylon apprehended the heavenly ‘signs’ the Lord provided them.  They followed a star to the ultimate place of worship—a stable, where the Son of God lay in a lonely manger.  The promised Seed was virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world.  In that unlikely place, three wise men (astrologers) met the One True God and Redeemer of mankind.  (Matt 2:1-12)


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