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Opening Two More Children’s Homes in 2019!

So many orphaned children are seeking love and a better tomorrow! We have already saved some of them through one children’s home, but there are so many more who plead with us everyday to save them from their hopelessness. We save as many as we can, but our space and resources are limited. We are grateful to house as many as we do; however, there are thousands more orphans without a place to call home. In fact, there is only one other children’s home (other ours – and ours is the only Christian one) in the entire of the Sibiu state. So, out of the thousands of orphans in the Sibiu state, only a slight sliver are in homes. The rest are trapped in abusive state-run orphanages or live in child gangs on the streets.

So, we want to open more children’s home!

Presently, we operate one children’s home, housing 12 orphan children (boys and girls). But, we are planning on opening two more children’s homes in 2019 – each housing 12 kids. So soon we will be able to house 36 orphan kids (12 in each of our three homes).

Our children’s homes are family environments….

Each home is staffed by house parents (a Christian married couple) and has no more than 12 kids. The house parents serve as the would-be parents of the children in their home, living with them 24/7. They do not work in shifts or take extended time away from their children, as happens in other children’s homes/orphanages. They function as de facto parents, not as caretakers/shift-workers. Moreover, the kids in our children’s homes stay in our homes until they age out at 18. They are not shifted back and forth between different homes, as happens in many foster care systems throughout the world.

We think it is vital that our homes feel as close to family as possible, since we work with the orphan children who have never had a family. We feel the family environment is most the ideal for a child. Moreover, it provides the best environment to bring up the children in the ways of the Lord – which is our goal first and foremost.

Our next two children’s homes are already underway….

Currently, we are renovating the next two houses, getting them ready to function as children’s homes. There is still some minor inside work left to do yet (moslty painting and molding). Then, we have the state inspections and a heap of bureaucratic paperwork. We already have the host parents ready to go, so we are looking at a summer/fall 2019 start for both homes.

God had miraculously provided the startup costs for the next two homes….

God has graciously provided the money needed for startup, but we still need more churches, groups, and individuals to join the team so we can meet the monthly operational cost (some $5,500/home) for the next two homes. We ask for your prayers that God will make the impossible, possible!

We need more on the team….

Opening children’s homes are massive undertakings, requiring considerable funds, planning, work, and resources. So, for those of you who have helped us come this far – saving as many kids as we have – we are forever grateful. Thank you for being part of the team. In reality though, we need more on the team. There are just so many helpless and suffering children who are crying out for us to save them. We ask that you please pray God will open more doors, speak to people’s hearts, and provide the means so we can expand our reach to save more kids.


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