Our Approach

Finding Hope’s number one goal is to help everyone we serve come to know God as his or her personal Savoir. Secondly, we want to instill self-suffiency and a sense of self-worth in everyone who crosses our path. Our approach is as follows:

1. Alleviate Suffering:

One cannot help hurting people until the basic needs of food, shelter, a safe environment, and healthcare are ensured first.

2. Love and Belonging:

The intrinsic need in all humans (built in to us by God) is for love and belonging. “No man is an island.” Therefore, we endeavor to provide the destitute people of this world a place to meet that need.

3. Promote Dignity

After the basic needs are met, we focus on reinforcing individual self-worth and independence. This is accomplished through education (literacy and skills training), counseling, and helping to open doors to employment.

4. Instill Self-sufficiency

We attempt to teach self-reliance. This includes taking responsibility for one’s self and actions. Furthermore, we encourage individuals to give back to society by serving in their local church and through other outreach activities.