Child Sponsorship

We cannot care for the Children alone….

Here at Finding Hope we work daily to improve the lives of children and lead them to the Lord. However, we cannot do this alone. There are countless children in need of not only financial support, but a loving and caring individual who will show them that they mean something. This is why we have decided to open a sponsorship program.

There are many places online where caring people can sponsor children. Usually, for a small monthly fee, you’ll receive a picture of a child and a few simple facts. Contact is minimal—but still you are helping to improve a life.At Finding Hope, we go one step more! We like to create a more personal experience for both our children and their sponsors. We believe connection is what our kids need most, more than money, more than gifts. They need to know that someone cares.

Sponsoring an orphan child will bless you and the child you sponsor beyond measure. It will be an incredible life-long journey that will change your life and the life of the child you sponsor forever! We pray you will consider sponsoring one of our children. We cannot care for these orphan children alone! We need your help!


What Child Sponsorship Means for the Child

Sponsoring an orphan child will begin a journey that will bless you and the child you sponsor in ways you cannot imagine! The love you show is something that will set our children onto a path filled with hope and potential for a brighter future. After so much abandonment and pain, we believe connection is what our children vitally need. They need to feel someone cares about them – that they are special and God has a plan for their lives! Here at our orphanage they are indeed loved, but they are one of many. When a child gets a sponsor, he/she becomes the single recipient of another’s love, thus making them feel very special and wanted.



Sponsorship is Vital to an Orphan Child’s Success as an Adult

Not only is sponsoring an orphan child crucial for his/her wellbeing, it is also a major key for his/her success as an adult. When the child is young, Finding Hope serves as his/her caregivers. We parent them, love them, train them up, teach them about the Lord, and pour into them as much as possible. As they grow up, however, they get to know, love, and trust their sponsors (that is if their sponsor has invested time, effort, and sacrifice in them). They begin to rely more and more on them, just as a son/daughter would rely on his/her parents. So when they enter adulthood, their sponsor becomes a sort of parent for them to help get them on their feet in life.



The Ideal Sponsor/Child Relationship into Adulthood

We bring our children up with the idea that one-day as they enter adulthood their sponsor will take a even more active role in looking after them. Of course, we will never abandon any of our children, no matter their age. We will always care for them in whatever capacity we can, trying to ensure they follow the Lord and find success in their lives. However when our kids age into adulthood, it becomes increasingly harder for us to meet their more complex needs, e.g. higher education, helping them find and obtain good opportunities in life, etc…. Thus, our hope is that the sponsors will help us get our kids feet on the ground. Most children have parents who help them get established and find their way in the world; ours do not have this luxury.


Benefits to the kids

We want to be very clear that 100% of all funds raised in sponsorship for our children are used for our children. There are no admin fees, salaries or hidden costs involved. The pie chart below outlines how the sponsorship funds will be used.

* General supplies include costs for: extracurricular activities, excursions, toys, utilities, clothes, toiletries, and recreation.

How a Sponsorship Works

  1. Choose your child. A list of children will be on our “Sponsor a Kid” page.
  2. Once you choose your child, you can set up the sponsorship directlty through our website or you may contact us and we will set it up for you. Please note that if you set up the sponsorship up through our website, we will contact you within a few days of your request.
  3. Once the sponsorship is set up we will put you into contact with your child (if you so desire). This may be in the form of a phone call, Skype/Facetime/Facebook messenger, video chat/messenger, email, or handwritten letter (whichever you prefer). This sort of correspondence will continue as regularly as you like. In addition, we will frequently send you pictures, videos, messages, drawings, gifts, and other items from your child. You are encouraged to reciprocate in this same fashion, as your outpouring of love will bring so much hope and joy to your child! You may even come visit your child as often as you like. We can arrange this and will also inform you on how best to correspond with and send gifts, letters, pictures, etc….
  4. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

What about the Money 

One can give whatever monthly amount he/she wants. Any amount of money given on a monthly basis towards one of our children is much appreciated. It will be a huge help in seeing our children become successful young adults who love the Lord. We encourage our donors to seek the Lord and give according to what the Lord lays on their heart. This being said, we will list below some suggested monthly sponsorship amounts and the percentage they cover. But again, we want to stress the amount one gives monthly is not so important; it is connection one makes with the children that matters the most.

Level One – Basic Sponsorship

Basic sponsorship is just $1 per day or $30 per month ($360 per year). The basic sponsorship is just that, “basic.” It only partially covers the expenses for one of our children at the Finding Hope Orphanage. It will cover ~10% of what it takes us to care for a child. It helps Finding Hope Orphanage offset its overall operating expenses.

Level Two – Intermediate Sponsroship

An intermediate level sponsorship entails $100/month. This will cover ~25% of the cost associated with caring for one of our children. Again, it helps Finding Hope offset the its overall operating costs and is very much appreciated.

Level Three – Higher Sponsorship

A highger sponsorship is $250/month or greater. $250/month covers ~60% of a Finding Hope child’s expenses. Please note, any amount over $250/month – $450/month will be applied to the child’s sponsorship. It costs us ~$450/month to care for one child. Thus, $450/month is considered a full sponsorship. Any amount over $450/month is also very much appreciated. It will help us meet other operating expenses.

*Please note: Any child may have multiple sponsors until he/she is fully sponsored.

A list of children will be on our “Sponsor a Kid” page.

All interest in the sponsorship program can be directed to