Meet Children

Meet Maria

Maria, nine, and her younger brother Danut were abandoned at a very young age by their mother, an impoverished prostitute. Knowing that she...
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Meet Paul

Paul is six years old. Like his older sister Larissa, has been moved around state orphanages and foster homes since as far...
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Meet Larissa

Larissa is ten.  She grew up moving between state-run orphanages and foster care homes. Her mother, a drug addict and prostitute, abandoned her...
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Meet Alina

Alina is a remarkably intelligent fourteen year-old girl. She was abandoned at birth by her mother and has been raised in state-run...
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Meet Dana

Dana was abandoned at birth by her mother because she suffered from a birth defect called congenital hydrocephalus – a condition in...
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Meet Codruta

Codruta is a very special child. She  is fourteen and suffers from cerebral palsy, which manifests in her as very poor coordination...
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