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Meet Forin – 12 Years Old

Floring was abandoned at a very young age…..

Florin was abandoned at a very young age and does not remember his biological parents (not even ever seen them). He grew up in the state-run orphanage, surviving as he could there despite the abuse, neglect, and other horrendous hardships there.

Florin joined the Finding Hope family in fall 2020!

Florin is a very special kid who suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Despite this limitation, he has learned to overcome and find joy and contentment in life. Because of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Florin has underdeveloped motor skills, and some cognitive difficulties. He goes to the special school for and is excelling very well there

Florin is definitely our most talkative kid.

Florin is definitely our most talkative kid. Always with a smile in his face! From the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed, he always has something to say. He is such a funny kid to be around with. For him, the most important things are not tablets or toys. He just loves being around people, spending time with them and, of course, having good conversations.

Florin is a very perceptive boy

In addition to being a motor mouth, Florin is a very perceptive boy. He is always up to date with everything that takes place around the house. If something happens, he’s always the first one to give us the news. We tell him when he grows up, he could be either a journalist, detective, or spy! Nothing ever escapes his attention or his seemingly photographic memory. He files just about everything away in his memory bank and can recall with crystal clear clarity at any moment.

Sponsoring Florin

Florin is a very special, respectful, and funny kid. We love having him here with us and he loves having a family at Finding Hope! If you would like to sponsor Florin, please press the green, “Sponsor Monthly” button above, fill out the form below, or contact us at: or by phone at 828.228.4140. We can help you sponsor Florin and answer any questions you may have.

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