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What the Bible says about Orphans and Widows

There have always been poor people in the world.  Jesus told his followers that in Mark 14:7.  Orphans and widows are a special class of the poor.  The Bible gives believers guidance in looking after these unfortunate souls.  A multitude of Scriptures in the New and Old Testaments paint a clear picture of God’s intentions for these people.  This article will present and explain several of these Scriptures. Before discussing God’s commands for caring for these souls, it is important to ask the question, “Why is it so important for God’s people to care for...
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Meet Forin – 12 Years Old

Floring was abandoned at a very young age….. Florin was abandoned at a very young age and does not remember his biological parents (not even ever seen them). He grew up in the state-run orphanage, surviving as he could there despite the abuse, neglect, and other horrendous hardships there. Florin joined the Finding Hope family in fall 2020! Florin is a very special kid who suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Despite this limitation, he has learned to overcome and find joy and contentment in life. Because of the Fetal Alcohol...
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Goodbye cold, hello spring!

This has been the second winter in a loving family environment for most of the Finding Hope kids (1st for three of them). It was extraordinary indeed! We have been sledding, ice skating, and engaging in nearly every winter activity imaginable. That being said, we are looking forward to some warmth! Thanks for making it possible to give our kids another winter in a family – a winter as normal children, surrounded by love and filled with hope for a better tomorrow!

Meet Anne – 11 Years Old

Ane’s mother abandoned her in field when she was three…. Ane’s mother abandoned her in a sheep pasture when she was just three years old. She was eventually found after two days, soaking wet (from rain), dehydrated, and very scared. The authorities took Ane to the state-run orphanage where she resided seven years until she came to live with us at Finding Hope in December 2018. Ane had a very hard life in the state-run orphanage…. Ane had a very hard time in the state-run orphanage. She, being so meek-spirited,...
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Meet Alin – 10 years Old

Alin was a child living on the streets…. Alin has quite the story. To look at him, you wouldn’t know that this sweet little boy has been through so much. His chipper attitude and loving embraces somehow overpower his tragic early childhood. A Roma (gypsy), Alin was born to a negligent, abusive father and a prostitute mother. He lived on the streets, eating trash to survive and sleeping in alleys. As early as two years old, his parents had trained him to beg and steal. He would bring any money...
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