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Nimrod – Darkness in the Cradle of Civilization Installment 1

Did you know the character, Nimrod, mentioned in Genesis 10, was a real person?  Did you realize that his accomplishments have impacted human religions and governments for at least 4,500 years?

Nimrod was born into a new world, recently recreated by God after His judgment had rendered the old world devoid of human and animal life – except for that which had survived in the arc built by Noah and his sons.  The new world was initially untainted by the wickedness of the pre-diluvian world.  However, innocence did not last long.  The prince of darkness wasted no time sowing seeds of rebellion in the fertile hearts of the human survivors.  Satan hand picked Nimrod to transform the new world into a cauldron of rebellion.

Accomplishments of Nimrod

The first book of the Bible, Genesis, briefly mentions that Nimrod developed a reputation as a mighty hunter.  A search of ancient historical records supports this Biblical reference.  Extra-Biblical information suggests that Nimrod hunted large animals and even trained a leopard to assist him in his hunting excursions.

Nimrod extended his reputation as a “mighty hunter” to become a “mighty warrior.”  He and his people invented weapons of warfare to inflict punishment and death upon those who did not follow his leadership.  The chariot, bow and arrows, spears, helmets and shields were initially invented by his people.  Nimrod established an empire in the Mesopotamian Valley.  He killed and enslaved thousands in cities he conquered and built.  The methods of torture and mutilation he promoted became the foundation for conquering civilizations that would follow him for millennia- down to this present time.  Decapitation, dismemberment and torture used by Al Qaeda and ISIS today have their roots in the evil schemes concocted by Nimrod in the same geographic area of the Middle East.  Nimrod is considered an ancient hero of this region.  Ancient cities of Iraq have been named after him – Nineveh and Nimrud for example.  The ancient archaeological ruins of Nimrud were recently destroyed by ISIS.

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Nimrod is the father of human deification.  He forced his subjects to worship him as a god and his wife as a goddess.  He became the sun god and the god of warfare after his death.  His wife was deified as the fertility and love goddess and they worshipped for thousands of years after their death.  Nimrod established the ‘mystery religion of Babylon’ that included human deification, child and human sacrifice, prostitution, divination, idol worship, and Satan worship.  He coerced the unwilling to accept these things and killed many who believed in the true God of creation – the God of Noah.  The ultimate abomination – the Tower of Babel described in Genesis chapter 11 – finally elicited God’s judgment and the dispersion of mankind around the world.  Unfortunately, the inventions of warfare, human deification, polytheism, astrology and ancient pyramids were exported around the world also.  These were used by the ‘the prince of this world’ (satan) to perpetuate false religions from the dawn of the post-diluvian civilization to this present time.  History and archeology have chronicled the worldwide spread of all of this.


Many similarities exist between Nimrod’s time and this present age.  A plethora of inventions and technological advances were present then, as today.  Human achievements, however, have never impressed God.  The Bible records very few of them.  Many Scriptures record the depravity of mankind.  God sees the wickedness and moral corruption that reigns throughout the world.  Pride, immorality, and idol worship never fail to move HIs holy wrath.  The Tower of Babel demonstrated this.  The Bible teaches a man like Nimrod, motivated by pride and rebellion and empowered by Satan, is about to step onto the stage of human history.  He will oppose God and bitterly persecute HIs followers.  God’s judgment will fall, once again in the last days of the New World.  Look up – His coming draws near.


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